Woman Passes By SUV On Road, PANICS After She Spots What’s Behind It

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A Florida woman was driving on the highway when she attempted to pass an SUV. However, she was left in a panic as soon as she got closer and spotted what was being pulled behind it. She immediately grabbed her cell phone and recorded what she saw, and the sickening video is now going viral.

Brenna Cronin was driving down Interstate 95 when she came up on an SUV that was hauling a trailer. As she began to pass the Chevrolet, she immediately panicked when she realized what the driver was hauling on the trailer — a crate full of dogs. However, that wasn’t even the worst part. The individual had chained a pit bull on top of the crate as he drove down the road.

Brenna was absolutely sickened by what she witnessed with her own two eyes. While she was passing by the terrified dog, she was able to begin recording the incident with her cell phone. As soon as she returned home, she posted the appalling video to her Facebook page, and the footage has since gone viral.

Sadly, as the woman’s car passed the vehicle, the terrified dog, who had been branded with a letter “S” on its right leg, managed to stand up and eagerly glanced at her, as if it was pleading for some help.

“Just saw this asshole driving down 95 with a dog with the letter S carved into his leg chained to the top of a cage….does anyone know this vehicle?” she wrote in her Facebook post accompanying the footage. “Got off on 100 going towards Flagler (wasn’t able to get his plate).”

Remarkably, the dog’s owner, Jeremy, responded to the Facebook video, excusing the disgusting act. He justified his behavior by alleging that the dog enjoys riding on top of the cage rather than inside it. According to Pet Rescue Report, Jeremy stated that the dog had been branded as a puppy.

Paul Studivant, the Operations Manager of the St Johns County Division of Animal Control, said the incident is “very disturbing to see.” An investigation has been opened, but depending on where Jeremy lives, he is only facing a $93 fine. Unfortunately, even after the negative public attention, Jeremy was spotted hauling the dog on top of the crate once again.

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