Woman Hears Odd Noise In 35-Foot Well, Stunned When She Peers Inside

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A woman from Murrayville, Georgia was walking through an old wooded lot when she heard an odd noise in the distance. As she got closer, she quickly realized that the sound was coming from within a 35-foot well. When she finally got the courage to peer inside, she was left stunned as she saw what was causing the noise that had caught her attention.

During a crisis, it is common for communities to work together to help those who are struggling. So, when Sheree Elliott heard about what had happened at Carolyn Smith’s home, she immediately knew she needed to step up and help.

She quickly learned about the situation, made flyers, and posted them around town for more people to get involved. Elliott made it her mission to help Smith retrieve what she had lost — her beloved dogs, Sugar Bear and Zoe.

Several weeks later, when she and Smith were walking in a wooded lot, they heard an unusual noise coming from a 35-foot deep well. Of course, when they looked inside, they never could have imagined that all of their prayers were being answered. Sugar Bear was not only in the well but alive, whimpering and trapped at the bottom.

“She was down in the bottom. I called my husband and told him,” Smith said, according to 10 News. “He started crying because he didn’t think we would ever get them back. I mean they’re our babies.” However, that’s not even the best part. Moments after Hall County Fire Lt. Nathan Crowe was lowered down into the well and rescued Sugar Bear, the other missing dog, Zoe, came running up to the crowd.

As a result of Sugar Bear being trapped in the well for so long, she lost a third of her weight. Thankfully, after being examined by a veterinarian, she is expected to make a full recovery, along with her sister, Zoe.

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