Man Frantic When He Sees What His Lobster Trap Pulled Out Of The Water

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A Massachusetts fisherman set out to sea to catch some lobster when he returned to the shore with something in his trap that he wasn’t expecting. The man frantically called his wife to let her know what he had before they hatched a plan about what to do with this exceptionally rare discovery.

Wayne Nickerson has worked as a commercial fisherman for 35 years in Plymouth, capturing countless crustaceans in his trap, but this week he got a catch he couldn’t believe. The first thing he thought to do was call his wife, Jan Nickerson, who let out a scream when she heard what her husband accidentally came across.

ABC News reports that something similar happened to Wayne in 1990, making the repeat chance of it happening again all the more unusual. While on a routine fishing trip in his F/V Windsong, he pulled in a rare find he hasn’t seen in 26 years. Mixed in with all the red lobsters was one 2-pounder that stuck out like a sore thumb because of its bright blue color.

“He let out a loud exclamation of excitement,” Jan said about the moment Wayne called her with the incredible news. “He was very clear about how excited he was,” she added, and he should be since the chance of getting a blue crab is only one in two million. For Wayne, it’s happened twice now, almost three decades apart.

The couple immediately named the lobster Bleu and knew just what they should do with it. Not wanting to keep this rare find to just themselves to enjoy, they hope to find an aquarium for Bleu to live at so others can see it. For now, the rare lobster is being held separate the red ones in a tank, so the others don’t hurt it, Jan said.

According to the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine, blue lobsters get their incredible coloring from what is actually considered a genetic defect when an excessive amount of a particular protein is produced. Something that makes this lobster so beautifully different than the others is a metaphor for life. What others may consider a defect or fault in a person, is the very thing that makes you attractively unique and a rare find.

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