VIDEO: Guy Finds Big Snake In Home & Decides To Pet It… Nope

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Quite the astonishing idiot really outdid himself recently after coming home to find a massive snake in his house. Thinking it would be a good idea to pet the wild beast, the incident was all caught on video.

According to the video’s description, the incident reportedly took place in Brazil after a man came home to quite the frightening sight.

Somehow, a massive snake had made its way into the guy’s home, prompting him to investigate a little further. reports that the slithering reptile was actually “a green anaconda.

These snakes, the heaviest in all the world, can weigh over 200 pounds.

This one appears to be well over 100 pounds. Green anacondas can be found in remote areas of South America.”

The guy eventually pulled out a camera to document the incident – which just about anyone might do – but what he did next has put quite a few people on edge.

Seemingly trying to demonstrate the size of the beast, the cameraman then tried to use his hand as an item of scale and put it against the snake.

Although most people could see the size, this guy was all too happy to leave his hand right where it was almost as if he was petting it.

However, things would take a rather drastic turn as the wild beast did what just about everyone was expecting.

As the man pulled his hand away, the snake opened its jaw and lunged toward the camera, giving even viewers quite the fright.

Chances are, if you play with fire, you’ll eventually get burned.

That same thing applies here – if you play with wild animals, you very well could end up getting bitten or worse.

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